The Mountain Shadow

Destiny is the treasure we find in the awareness of death.

TMS page 775, Idriss

Sincere penance, such as kindness, or compassion, connects us to the tendency field,

TMS page 771, Idriss

You only need one key to every locked heart: confidence.

TMS page 196

No smile would work, no goodbye would pray, no kindness would save, if the truth inside us wasn’t beautiful. And the true heart of us, our human kind, is that we’re connected, at our best, by purities of love found in no other creature.

TMS page 27

Generosity is the spiritual language of love, humility is the spiritual language of honour, and devotion is the spiritual language of faith.

TMS page 782, Idriss

The new music is amazing!

Chris Blackwell (Island Records Founder)