Dear People, you are most welcome. Please feel free to visit my updated website and to leave this site, knowing that we don’t keep your data, and while you’re here, this Safe Haven protects your privacy.

Almost 7 years ago, I withdrew from society, closed down my social media, went off the party and public speaking grid, and committed my Self to researching the spiritual.

After many years of training in rigorous logic, science, philosophy and theology, I decided to take the Leap of Faith, as it’s sometimes called, and to see what was on the other side of skeptical rationalism.

There was a guide, a teacher, who gave me a direction on that spiritual path. I followed sincerely the stepping stones to Faith he pointed out: Acknowledgement, Surrender and Devotion.

As the years passed I kept notes along the way, very detailed at first and gradually less often, as Devotion became its own instruction.

Those notes became a book called The Spiritual Path, which will be released in eBook on the 19th of March this year, and in print during the autumn.

During those years off the grid, my soul mate A. and I joined with the family in caring for Dad while he struggled with fatal heart trouble, and for Mum, who fought an almost 3-year battle with terminal cancer.

I had the honour and privilege of taking their ashes to India and participating in the rites for Moksh, or liberation from the cycle of reincarnation. Mum and Dad were devoted Catholics but Mum, a meticulous Scorpio, wanted to cover every base.

There was creativity, in the midst of that sorrow and joy. I wrote 25 songs, 5 graphic novels, 3 novellas and completed a collection of collage and sculpture, called ArtOfWar. I couldn’t have done any of that if I’d still been on the social grid, and if I hadn't taken these steps on the spiritual path.

And now, I'm still on the path but back on the grid and very happy to be engaging with the world again. I'm also excited to have new work to offer to the readers and fans of Shantaram and The Mountain Shadow.

We released the Love&Faith album and several singles. I've been writing and playing music most of my life and finally had the opportunity to record my songs with a brilliant and beautiful all-Jamaican crew of amazingly talented singers, musicians and engineers. Love&Faith is the first album but there will lots more and many singles to come.

We’ve created videos and we're shooting more, we’re publishing books and other digital content throughout 2021, there’s a Shantaram television series commencing shooting this year, and we have a Jamaican movie project in development. Watch out for those new projects. We'll keep you posted here, on Insta and FB.

I thank everyone who has helped us and contributed in admin, legals, publishing, music and art. I’d love to introduce you to our beautiful team, as they feel comfortable with pulling the curtain back and revealing how much actually goes on behind any one name or person in semi-public life.

Faith is freedom from fear. Honour is the art of being humble. In Faith I humbly invite you now to our little cave of art and love, and to watch it evolve and change, as all things do.

Blessings and love